We’re not your standard financial institution – we’re better! We’re a company of innovative, fun-loving, member-focused misfits, delivering Unexpectedly delightful experiences. We’re the place you go each day and know you are truly making a difference in people’s lives. Sound enticing? Now could be the time to launch your career with Community Choice. We provide an independent, stimulating, fast-paced work environment where having fun and winning occurs daily.


Position Summary


If any of the following apply, this post may be relevant to you or someone you know:

  • Do you want a position where you’re excited on Sunday night as you think about all the awesome people you’ll get to work with come Monday morning?
  • Do you want a position where you have the resources and support to help people reach their goals?
  • Are you committed to winning?

If you’re nodding your head in excitement…Keep reading.

The team at Community Choice is on the lookout for an Account Executive.

What we’re offering:

  • UNusual pay and benefits.
  • UNexpected work environment.
  • UNmatched resources for success.
  • UNlimited opportunity to help others.
  • UNbelievable new friends.


What you need to be good at:

  • Strong sales aptitude with the ability to exceed members expectations
  • Engaging with people—no Debbie downers here!
  • Creative “out-of-the-box” thinking to find solutions to members needs
  • Comfortable with a high level of autonomy
  • Having fun!

What we need from you:

  • Unwavering desire to serve others managing and fostering great member relationships, providing an unexpected delightful experience every time.
  • Service driven attitude recognizing needs and cross-selling complimentary credit union products as well as after-market services including but not limited to credit insurance, GAP, and extended warranty options.
  • Accountability to learn and explain loan and deposit programs, evaluate needs, and recommend loan and deposit account options.
  • Responsibility for providing valuable input for loan approvals providing complete and accurate documentation for deposit accounts and loan origination, closing and disbursement.
  • Flexibility in schedule and location.
  • Desire to be service oriented and results driven.

If Interested: