Convenience Services

Touch-Tone Teller

The Touch-Tone Teller audio response system will enable you to conduct many credit union transactions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from any touch-tone phone. To access your account, simply dial (515) 243-8211 in the local Des Moines calling area or toll-free (888) 617-3646 anywhere in the continental U.S. You will need to know your member number (which is your savings account number) and your Touch-Tone Teller Personal Identification Number (PIN). A computerized voice will greet you and lead you through the transactions of your choice.

With Touch-Tone Teller you can:

  • Make balance inquiries on your Savings, Checking, Christmas Club, and Vacation Club accounts
  • Find out the dates and amounts of your deposits or transfers to your Savings or Checking accounts
  • Verify checks that have cleared
  • Verify loan and credit card balances
  • Transfer money to and from your Savings, Checking, Christmas Club, or Vacation Club accounts
  • Transfer funds to another member’s credit union account
  • Share withdrawals
  • Make loan or credit card payments
  • Look-up lending and dividend rates

Access to your account is controlled by your Personal Identification Number (PIN) in conjunction with your member number. Your PIN is the last four-digits of your social security number. No one else can get information on your account or transact business without your PIN and member number. DO NOT give your PIN to ANYONE.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Looking for a safe and secure place to keep your valuables? We offer a variety of sizes of safe deposit boxes at all of our offices. A safe deposit box is a great place to keep your important documents, such as the abstract for your home, car titles, your marriage license, birth certificates, your passport, and even your valuable jewelry or coin sets. You have access to your box during regular business hours.

Payroll Deduction

As a fast and easy way to save money or make loan payments, we offer Payroll Deduction to all employees of the State of Iowa, Iowa Foundation for Medical Care, City of Clive, University Park Holiday Inn, and Embassy Suites by the River. Every pay period, a specific amount will come out of your check and be deposited into your credit union account, that money can go into your Savings, Checking, Christmas Club, or Vacation Club accounts, make your loan payment, or even make a current year deposit into your IRA account. The remainder of your payroll check will then either be direct deposited into your credit union Checking account, direct deposited into another financial institution, or given to you as your paycheck. This is a great way to save money because the money is already deposited into your Savings account, before you ever receive your check! There will be no more waiting in long lines on payday to put money into your credit union account.

Direct Deposit

For convenience and peace of mind, members can use our Direct Deposit service. Paychecks/ACH, Social Security checks, or other (recurring) checks are sent directly to the Credit Union for deposit to a member’s account. It’s automatic and eliminates all danger of loss or delay in the mail.