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Your Card, Your Choice – Image Guidelines

As Spider-Man once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” So, as excited as we are to give you the option to put your unique image on your check or credit card, we have to lay down some ground rules, okay?


  • SIZE: Your image should be at least 840px x 840px, but no larger than 10 MB (megabytes) in size.
  • QUALITY: A higher quality image will result in a larger file size, but that’s okay because it means your card will look fantastic. Comparatively, if you save a picture from the internet, your card might end up looking pixelated or blurry. Ain’t no one got time for that! Besides, does that picture from the internet even belong to you?… (see Terms and Conditions below)
  • FORMAT: Please save your images as either a JPEG (.jpg), PNG, GIF, Bitmap (.bmp), or TIFF.

We’re all adults here, so it’s time to have a frank discussion about what you can and cannot put on your Community Choice Credit Union check or debit card.

Community Choice Credit Union reserves the right to determine whether a submitted image will be accepted. Follow these guidelines and have your card delivered to you faster! It’s a win-win!

The following images will not be accepted:

  • Trademarks, logos, slogans, company names, copyrighted material or brands of any third party
  • Advertising or promotional material, or branded products
  • Celebrities, actors, musicians, sportspeople, cartoons
  • Phone numbers, addresses, URL addresses, account or PIN numbers
  • Provocative, sexual, violent or other offensive content
  • Nudity or semi nudity
  • Profanity or obscenities
  • Alcohol, tobacco, firearms
  • Images which allow illegal or anti-social behavior
  • Culturally insensitive images
  • Images which display the opinions or beliefs of political, religious or socially unacceptable groups
  • Images that may interfere with security features of the card
  • References to any Visa Sponsorship property, such as the Olympics or NASCAR
  • Any content that might infringe, denigrate or dilute the Visa brand or its member financial institutions

Your Card, Your Choice – Terms & Conditions

Look out! Here comes the legal-ese!


  • There is a $10 fee for ordering a custom card (unless otherwise noted). This fee will be deducted from your CCCU checking account. If there are not sufficient funds to deduct from, the $10 fee will be charged to your credit card.
  • Upon submitting your image to Community Choice Credit Union, you represent and certify that you have sole rights to use the image and have obtained any necessary consent to allow Community Choice to alter, copy, print, distribute, prepare and to use the image or derivative works of the image on the customized credit card. All images submitted must have the consent of the owner including those images downloaded from the internet.
  • If you submit, or repeatedly submit images that do not follow the set forth guidelines, Community Choice Credit Union reserves the right to exclude you from future use of this service.
  • Applying for a check/credit card does not guarantee approval.  Approval subject to credit score and analysis.


Upon receiving your card, the applicant agrees to:

  • Destroy your previous card. Community Choice Credit Union will not be held liable for any loss resulting from the failure to destroy any previous cards.
  • Return your customized card to Community Choice Credit Union immediately should circumstances require Community Choice Credit Union to submit this request.
  • Indemnify and hold Community Choice Credit Union, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, partners and employee harmless from and claim or demand – including reasonable attorneys’ fees – that arise from your use of this service.
  • Show your new customized card to all your friends and family, bragging about how much cooler Community Choice Credit Union is than where they bank. (Okay, this one isn’t mandatory, but we think it would be awesome if you did it anyway!)

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